2019 FHL Scholarship Recipients

My name is Lily Rousseau and I am a 2019 Faith Hope and Love Foundation scholarship recipient.  I spend the majority of my time tutoring other students through our National Honor Society, volunteering at the Salvation Army the first Saturday of every month, and providing peers with assistance in their music.  Growing up I was under the care of my grandparents because my mother and father had been in and out of the picture. From a very young age I became a ward of the state where I later became an independent. Throughout my childhood I was able to make a connection to music that allowed me to express myself through tough times.  Music became a way of life and made me feel like a part of a community that I hadn’t necessarily experienced before. Through music I have built friendships and a long lasting drive to pursue music in my higher education. I hope to one day attend Boston University for a double major in Music Education and Spanish Language. I hope to use my skills in the future to work in low income areas such as the one I grew up in to form connections with students that my be in similar situations to the one I have endured.  I plan to use my knowledge of the spanish language in everyday life to connect with those may not speak english as a primary language. I plan to use my degree in Music Education to inspire those the way my directors have done for me, and to give back to an ever growing community. I am beyond grateful for the Faith Hope and Love Foundation and the opportunities that they have provided me.

My name is Ennosen Yen and I am a refugee from South Sudan, attending Concord High School as a senior. My favorite volunteering service was working with students at the Broken Ground ELL summer program. It made me fall in love with helping new Americans and empathetic towards a situation I myself have once been in. Since then, volunteering with the kids has led me to join the Be The Change Club which I am now Co-President. During my involvement in the club, I have co-created a New American Mentoring program along with leading a breakout session on how it feels to be a New American. I have also created along with other students, a Youth African summit in hopes to Inspire African youth to become leaders in their community. I have also been a part of hosting many diversity events in our school and community such as Diwali, Hijab day, Africa Night and our biggest event, Multicultural night. I plan on studying a development major, that can help contribute change in South Sudan. My biggest hope is for my homeland to end its war and bloodshed, and finally, focus on its people and thrive.