Holly Smith

14914677_10109148341921274_1521800741_nThe early years of my life were impacted by the side effects of trauma and poverty. I was a Head start kid that showed promise but needed a leg up to get there. With the support of my community and family, I was able to carve a path for myself and create a life I’m proud of. After starting at community college, I transferred to Michigan State where I graduated with a degree in psychology. From there I pursued a career that b allowed me to help others in facing their life challenges. Later I obtained a graduate certificate in Public Administration from Central Michigan University. The support I had from my family and community were a huge part of my success. FHL’s Mission has resonated with me since becoming a board member since 2015, and although I have a solid career path, it is the work that I do with FHL that allows me to honor those that have given so much to me.  I have served as FHL’s President since 2019.